Everything about the Smart meter

What is the Smart meter?

The Smart meter constitutes the new generation of connected metering devices to measure our electricity consumption.

The Smart meter delivers two key functions:

  1. Register of hourly consumption of electricity
  2. Automatic delivery of electricity readings to distribution companies

This allows three important advantages:

  1. It enables electricity retailers to design personalized deals based on electricity hourly consumptions
  2. It avoids estimated readings as bills are based on the real consumption for each client
  3. It allows adjusting the contracted power without the physical visit of a technician

Consequently, some electricity retailers offer special deals with different hourly prices for the weekends, summer/winter, etc.

Electricity deals with different prices for different hours are not necessarily cheaper

This does not mean that these deals are cheaper but there is more room to adapt deals based on different consumption patterns.

Therefore, it is very important to compare all the available deals in the market. If you want us to help you finding the best deal, contact us clicking in this link.

How do I know whether I already have a Smart meter?

Your electricity bill shows if your point of electricity supply has a “Smart meter effectively integrated in the telemanagement system” (“contador inteligente efectivamente integrado en el sistema de telegestión”).

Bear in mind that you may have a Smart meter which is not integrated into the telemanagement system. In this case, your electricity readings won’t be automatically sent to the distribution company.

In order to confirm whether you have a Smart meter, check how to find it in your electricity bill in the following article.

Smart meters are still being installed throughout Spain

The Smart meter installations are free and are expected to be completed by the end of 2018. As a reference, as in June 2016, 62% of all points of supply already have a Smart meter installed.

How do I get my hourly consumption?

You can access your hourly electricity consumption through your distribution company’s website.

The following file from the CNMC (National Commission of Markets and Competition -Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia) includes the list of all the distribution companies, their telephone numbers and websites.

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