How much I can save in my electricity and gas bills?

You can save a lot.

Just to have an idea:

  • If you live in a flat, you can save up to 200€ in electricity and 70€ in gas, if you choose the best deal among those currently available.
  • If you live in a villa, you can save up to 800€ in electricity and 160€ in gas
  • If you live in a large villa or it is the case of a SME (small or medium enterprise), you can save up to 3.200€ in electricity and 3.600€ in gas

If, additionally, it is more than a year since you last switch your contract, you are more tan likely to save even more money for two reasons:

  1. CPI update: when retailers automatically renew our contracts, at least, they update their prices with the annual CPI.
  2. Price update: in most cases, retailers communicate via email or post their new prices. This updated prices tend to be higher than the prices offered to new customers.

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