Personalized study offers you the possibility to build a tailor-made analysis of the best electricity and gas deals based on your real consumption.


You can save up to 400€ per year

based on your consumption and your current contract.


Be aware that the ranking with the best deals that we calculate every quarter is based on an average consumer. The more your consumption differs from the average consumer, the more the ranking will vary.


How can I have a personalized study of my best deals? Write us an email to with the following information and we will send you a tailor-made study based on your:

  1. Contracted power
  2. Consumption including its timing (monthly, bi-monthly, annual)


Where can I get this information? In two places:

  1. In any of your bills
  2. In your online account if you have a smart meter

If it helps you, just send us any of your bills.


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